• HF ZS6BKW Junior Multi Band Antenna

HF ZS6BKW Junior Multi Band Antenna

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  • Product Code: HF ZS6BKW Junior Multi Band Antenna
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  • Short Description: This antenna is a multi band work horse with ultra low angle of radiation on the 20 meter band. A superb antenna.

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ZS6BKW - Junior, half size to cover ZS6BKW,  All Band Performance 80m-10m ; No Tuner Required for 10,12,17, 20 & 40m Bands it actually resonates on 6 bands, and doesn’t rely on a tuner (ATU) to make it work. The design appeared in TT (RadCom) It’s only long (14.2 metres), with a (7.5m) down lead and 12.2meters window line. So, it’s a cousin to the G5RV (which only resonates on 14 & 24 MHz), but better as it needs no ATU on 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 metres. Any length of 50-Ohm coax to shack. SO 239.

Are you a fan of the G5RV antenna?  Then you may be interested in the ZS6BKW JUNIOR antenna.  The ZS6BKW JUNIOR antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV.  The G5RV antenna (c. 1946) was designed by Louis Varney (G5RV, SK). The ZS6BKW  JUNIOR(early 1980's) was derived from the G5RV by Brian Austin (G0GSF, formerly ZS6BKW).  He developed computer programs that were used in conjunction with Smith charts to calculate the optimum dimensions for his variant of the antenna.

Construction of the ZS6BKW JUNIOR antenna is essentially the same as the G5RV except for the lengths of the radiators and matching section ladder line.  The original G5RV ?flat-top version? had a 102? (31.1 m) horizontal span with a 34 feet length of matching ladder line. The wire elements are  a total element length of 14.2 meters horizonatal with a drop of 7.5 meters and the vertical 450 Ohm ladder line is 11.91 meters long.

3.38 MHz (80m) tunes easily with ATU

7.00 MHz (40 m) 1:1 40

10.1 MHz (30 m) high high needs atu

14.06 MHz (20 m) 1:1 40

17.85 MHz (17 m) 1:1 50

18MHz band 1.3:1

21.00 MHz (15m) high high needs atu

24.69 MHz (12 m) 2:1 100

28.62 MHz (10 m) 1.3:1 60

50.27 MHz (6 m) 1.3:1 60

Power handling 1.0  Kw ssb at 50 ohms

Antenna has waterproof junction boxes

Stainless steel fittings

plastic end insulators

connection is PL 239

All antennas are built to last.

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