For our current Anti-Spam process we use CleanTalk Anti-Spam a cloud service protection for websites.

This plugin uses protection methods that are invisible to site visitors.

The main function of CleanTalk plugin is to provide a reliable tool for protecting our web site against spam and spambots. Invisible to the visitors, simple and convenient for our administrators, CleanTalk blocks 99,998% of the spam no other data is collected. Thanks to its capabilities its abilities surpasses anything we tried for accuracy of spam detection.The system also provides a report about the work of the service and stores 45 days of data.

View a video about this product. https://youtu.be/XR8-U8YYmRo

Go to the website : https://cleantalk.org/

It took 5 minutes to install and it really works well without any problems.

We are also happy with the after sales support.

I recommend this product for being helpful in spam elimination to your website.


Lawrence Azzopardi

Wire Antennas UK