• End Fed Half Wave 60 M Band Antenna 200 watts

End Fed Half Wave 60 M Band Antenna 200 watts

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  • Product Code: End Fed Half Wave 60 meter band Antenna 200 watts
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  • Short Description: This end fed half wave antenna is designed for the 60 meter band as the primary band. Single Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna – 87 Feet ( 26.5m ) long with no tuner required.

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This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna designed for the 60 meter band.

It utilises a 49:1 UNUN transformer in order to bring the impedance of the antenna to more manageable values for your antenna tuner.

The wire is 26.5 meters long of wire. You can construct it in even smaller gardens like inverted V, zigzag inverted L so you can be worked in a tiny garden

It is a great antenna for HAM radio operators living in small controlled housing, hams desiring a very stealthy RV antenna, Field Day operations, sailboats, portable operating.


1 X 49:1  200 watts unun Type 43 core giving extremely flat bandwidth. covers 60 meter BAND

All stainless steel fittings

1 x heavy duty insulator

74 feet / 27.20 meters copper plastic coated radial

We manufacture a short version of this antenna with a coil CLICK HERE

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