• Traps for 40 / 80 meter band Dipole or inverted V tuned as a pair

Traps for 40 / 80 meter band Dipole or inverted V tuned as a pair

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A pair of tuned traps for making 80 / 40 meter band dipole or inverted V 250 watts version

Ham Radio Pair of Antenna Traps 80/40m Low Swr. The graph from the analyser shows 1:1 SWR on 80m when feed from a suitable balun. Simalar results on 40m.

 A pair of these traps makes an antenna approx 96 ft in length. The bandwidth as shown is 100khz for 2:1 SWR on 80m and as per a 40m dipole on 40m band. Will work without tuner over lesser bandwidth. Dimensions of wire required are supplied and these have been tested in an inverted V configuration with centre at 8-10m high and the ends at 3m. The performance of these is excellent and the feedback has been very encouraging. Many happy buyers throughout Europe. Size 90 mm long and 50mm diameter. Weight 125 gm. Makes a lightweight effective portable antenna. Each pair of traps are individually tested. After years of use I have retested examples and found no degradation in performance. We also do 20/40/80 m, 80/160 m and 40/80/160 m versions.

Comes complete with full instructions to complete as a weekend project.




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80/40 meters Dipole / inverted V instructions

Instructions for supplied traps.



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