• Triple Bazooka Antenna 27 Mhz DXer

Triple Bazooka Antenna 27 Mhz DXer

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TRIPLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad banded Half Wave Antenna which can operate efficiently across an entire CB band with little change to the SWR. The TRIPLE BAZOOKA antenna design was first conceived as a radar antenna in the early 1940's for use by the U.S. Government. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950's.
Antenna construction centers around 50 Ohm coax
The coax elements are sealed in this molding, which exhibits high adhesion to the PVC jacket.
This unique design eliminates the need for antenna matching baluns and can be fed directly with 50 Ohm coax. The TRIPLE BAZOOKA is 98% efficient and typically provides S.W.R. readings of less than 2:1 over the entire amateur band.
 It works as flat-top, sloper, or vertical NVIS configuration.
Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire static charges can not build up thus reducing noise by 6dB over antennas constructed of exposed wire.Some additional 'quietness' may partially attributed to the vinyl covering on the coax.
Using covered wire on triple bazooka antennas helps reduce corona and precipitation static.

Antenna works without a tuner and no balun is required... easy field trip antenna or base antenna.
-The low SWR comes thru losses in the end stubs lenght adjustment.
-This is a single band antenna tuned for the 11m band.
These antennas are hand made and 100% tested on bench equipment and in the field.
Antennas are tested SWR LOWER THEN 1.5 TO 1

Power handeling 500 watts ssb at 50 ohms
Antenna has waterproof juction box
Stainless steel eyebolt
plastic end insulators
connecton is PL 239
RG58 C/U  coax used.

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