• Double Zepp Antenna 5/8 CB 11m Band DX

Double Zepp Antenna 5/8 CB 11m Band DX

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A redesign from the US Military Version this 5/8 wave radiators in phase is an antenna  that  exhibits  some  degree  of  gain  (6.4 dB)Bi-Directional,  and  delivers  better  than  average transmitted signals even when installed at only 1/2 wavelength ab



With an installation height of 6 meters the angle of take of is 26 ° from the horizon.

The antenna has a horizontal polarization, however, if it is installed vertically, it will have vertical polarization and will be omnidirectional with a yield certainly higher than 5 octaves.

A great antenna giving an immediately notice the great difference between the two gains which reaches 6.4 dB; this means that the Zeppelin quadruples the power in transmission compared to the Super Dip, this increase is, in practice, equivalent to a point on the scale of the receiver's "S-Meter". Considering also the fact that the horizontal lobe is much narrower than the considered antenna, the final result will be a reception free of "industrial noises" and strongly directive, in the direction perpendicular to the plane containing the Zeppelin wire. Many will notice how, unlike other models, the denomination of the elevation starts from 90 degrees (equivalent to the horizon) reaches zero degrees to the zenith and then reaches - 90 degrees. NEC2 released by the U.S. Navy in July 2002 showed impressive performence.

Built for the CB Band for the frequency values ​​from 27.0 Mhz to 27.9 Mhz in steps of 50 Hz.

Hang and Play !


Overall size is 12.80 meters

Clients Review


Good afternoon,
I finally put up my Extended Double Zepp Antenna. Its working very well. The swr from 26.965mHz to 27.405mHz is 1.2 without my tuner. I do have to retune when I go to other frequencies. The operator's said I'm loud even though they don't know what I'm using.

I can hear better then the DRX111-5/8 10/11 wire antenna I was using before which is copy of the Sirio Gain Master but without fiberglass pole to put it in. Today I had 2 qso's with operator's from Kentucky/North Carolina which are new. Skywave propagation conditions were very low but with the Extended Double Zepp Antenna I was able to hear them loud/clear with no problem. I built/mounted it vertically. Due to the a little wind this morning I lowered it until next week. How much power can it handle. I think I'm the only one using you're antenna hear in Southern California which I'm very happy with.Thank you for making a great wire antenna and hope in the near future you decided to make a Extended Double Zepp Vertical Polarization one like the DRX111-5/8 wavelength wire antenna.
Best Regards
Marcius Chester

In this case the customer decided to install his antenna vertically with superb results.



Good evening.
Pleasant you are requesting the antenna. I have compared Zeppelin to Bazooka.
What surprised me was that Zeppelin worked well against similar stations running vertical antennas.
On skip with Germany, Italy, England, Northern Norway,
the antenna was stable on the signals in, RX.
There was little difference in transmitting and contacting stations with strong 8 - 9+

There was little difference when I drove 40 watts to the antenna.
When I went down on the power 8 - 10 watts I went down to 7 santiago on Zeppelin
and down to 5 santiago on the Bazooka antenna.
It was a surprise if we compared the vertical antenna then the santiago went down to 3 - 5 S.
Without a skip, the Zeppelin antenna was quiet and with a Midland 8001xt there was no rush on AM modulation.
I used a coax variant RG 58 military specifications, it was heavy but anyway one should have a mast in the middle. The radials are light so they can be attached to the longer line for attachment.
All the stations I did break was answerd and I was always as strong as the ones I talked to,
even though I reduced the effect.
I thought the experience was interesting because you can talk to foreign stations without to use a power amplifier,
this makes the radio hobby more fun.
Almost everyone I talked to used amplifiers, there is no goal in itself,
I think of QRP driving and it sets the antenna requirements.

The Zeppelin antenna meets my expectations. I got it 11 m above the ground Thank you for making the antenna Lawrence.


Sincerely Gunnar Hagen

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