• 11 m CB Band  NEARLY INVISABLE DX antenna for 27.000 MHz

11 m CB Band NEARLY INVISABLE DX antenna for 27.000 MHz

  • Brand: Wire Antennas UK
  • Product Code: 11 m DX Endfed Half wave antenna for 27.000 MHz with 1.2mm wire
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  • Short Description: DX Endfed Halfwave antenna nearly invisible antenna is ideal for difficult neighbourhoods or portable days out. This is a 27.0 – 28.0 MHz 1/2 wave antenna .

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This is a 27.000 – 28.00 MHz 1/2 wave antenna . Covers the 11 meter band ( CB ) Made from Kevlar wire 1.2 mm . 

Total wire length  5.5 meters long 

Covers band concerned.

Made from Kevlar black wire 1.2mm

Plastic coating gives protection over static build up from wind . 

Omni Directional gives you focused  power in two directions. This antenna can be installed in a variety of configurations depending on your requirements

Low angle of radiation take off for very good DX.

Hand made ready to install out of the box (Plug & Play).

Low SWR  across the band.

PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR MID -FREQUENCY while in the checkout section so we can set the antenna for you before dispatch. 

100 watts power 

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